Romnick dela Cruz

Romnick dela Cruz
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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Good Day Bloggers!


During the past two weeks, I've already manage to gain so many friends during my training at the call center. Some are very good and some not so good. I think I'm not yet that good, so everyday I practice the whole thing even after the class. Now, I'm doing 40 wpm on typing. But my target is 60 wpm. From the first day I heard things from my instructors, I admired how they speak, how they teach. I even thought that it will take so much effort being an instructor. They could earn thousands of dollars in manila, but they chose to stay here because they want to help. That's great. Not all the time we have to seek for opportunity where we can earn a lot. It's about fulfilling your passion. Driving the excitement to the maximum. And keeping your steam up. Someday, I want to be like them. And that would be my long-term goal. See yah guys! ^_^ peace out!


Friday, January 11, 2008

Lucky Me!


My days during the training is just awesome. I mean AWESOME dudes... The instructors are nice and were really having a good time. Right after the training i go straight home and do my own practice. Some are doing good, some are not... i think i will fall into the voice trans or either outbound depending on their evaluation and assesments... Hopefully i'll get my chances and be able to work there... All of those guys were actually really supportive and nice. I'm not saying these to make them hire me... it's the fact. If you think i'm a jerk, then so are you! And tell it in front of my face or i'll shove this fucking keyboard right to your ass! Hehehe!!! Kidding! ^_^ peace out!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Repairing a Faucet...


Hi guys.. i'm actually on my way to home coz i'm repairing our faucet... i just bought a part at the hardware then i drop by here... We'll it's just a few days before 2008 and i'm just too excited what will happen to me in that particular year... I'm also excited about the new job i applied for... i just don't think i'm that good enough in English... but i'm already here and it's too late to chicken out... Hehehe.. sorry, i'm just too excited... ^_^
Happy surfin' guys and have a pleasant day! ^_^ peace out!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Boring Day...

It's another day for watching boring movies, playing on the ps1 (sucks!), doing all home chores...
Oh... i just can't wait till January 7 for my first day in work... Everyday seems so constant... I'm just doing everything all the same thing as i did the last few days... well, i do practice my English and typing skills... but still i don't think that it's enough... guess.. i must provide some extra effort on this... ^_^ peace out!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Good News guys! I've passed the interview and the exams! Now i'm scheduled for English Proficiency training in January 7... Whoa! I never really believed that i will pass this interrogation-like process of application... I'm really interested in profounding my comprehension regarding English communication skills... I hop you guys will always be there when i need you, if you do need my help, i'll always be here! Thanks guys! Luv yah!
Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist Society of the Philippines


I've been a member of the NSBSP since year 2000 when it was established. Since birth i've been a buddhist but no on the Hokkeko side, my mother was a devoted SGI Nichiren Shoshu believer... we always go to the Kaikan temple to pray even if we don't have enough money to spend, she'd still prefer to go because she really has deep faith. Nothing will stop her when she wants to go to Kaikan at that time. Then, suddenly a news came by that the SGI leader Daisaku Ikeda was allegedly putted up to the trial court by his own secretary for a rape case. The secretary said that the she was forcefully raped by Daisaku Ikeda 3 times... This news spread far the whole world that some (including my family) believers have left SGI and converted to the True Buddhism, The Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist Society of the Philippines. Right now, there are about 800 members here in the Philippines, we held our main office at Las Pinyas led by our Reverent priest. For more info, just email me at If your willing to change your life and devote yourself to the Gohonzon, don't stop yourself! You are entitled to attain Buddhahood! Keep it up guys! NAM-MYO-HO-RENGE-KYO...